The Taking of the Square – 2nd Section

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The Taking of the Square by mikidemillion



Link to 1st Story Section:



Adam jumps off his bicycle.  It leans and tips, left to the laws of gravity.  Maddie grabs for a handlebar but is too late.  Metal, bike chain and aluminum crash to the street pavement inches from the girl who’d circled back from halfway up the block.  She screams, swerving her bike, then pushes hard with her heels backward on the pedals.  Bike tires squeal until the front frame of the bike lifts slightly and she comes to a full stop in the middle of the road.  She glares at Maddie and raises her hands in the air.

“What’s going on?” the girl says.

Maddie steps off to the side of her own bike and  rolls it to the grass.  She drops it, swivels, and leans forward, reaching for Adam’s bike.  “Why don’t you just leave?”

Metal rakes the cement.  Maddie winces at the death rattle of Adam’s bike.  The scraping sound tingles her nerve endings.

“Go!” Maddie shouts at the girl who doesn’t move from the middle of the road.

Those girls do not belong here, outside of class, trying to lure Adam away.  They don’t understand the mysteries of old man Johnson’s garage and the rocketship.   They cannot understand the feeling not knowing the whereabouts of Ranger and what it means to Adam.   Finding his dog is something she and Adam have to do.  Those girls do not belong here.

Behind her a wobbly sound and loud pounding begins.  She glances around.  Adam is beating the Johnson garage door with his fists.

“Where’s my dog?” he yells at the door, over and over again.  The door tilts back from the top of its runners and sways a little forward at the bottom from the impact of every fist.  The door shudders with sound.

Adam looks back when Maddie approaches.  His mouth tight, he turns then yells at the door again. And again.   Louder each time.  Maddie raps on the door, timid at first, but seeing Adam’s eyes forces her hand into a ball for a hard knock.  So hard her hand feels sore and she has to stop.  Adam drops both hands to his side, like he’s resting.

The audible click of a latch from behind the door raises the hair on Maddie’s arms.  Adam and Maddie glance at one another and step back.

In the same instant, the screen door of the Johnson house opens.  Maddie leans back to peer around Adam.  A young girl holds the screen door half open, watching them from the house porch.  Without turning around she shouts “Mom, get out here.”

Adam slaps his palm on the garage door, as if willing it to open.

“That’s TG,” Maddie tells Adam, keeping her voice low.

Adam looks, his palm still pressed against the garage door.

“That’s Teagee?”

Maddie shushes him, the girl doesn’t know they call her that.

The girl is big.  Not fat big, but two heads taller than most kids her age.  She’s taller than both Adam and Maddie and two years younger.  She’s not skinny either.  Just big.  For a kid.

Toilet girl.  Everyone who lives within twelve blocks knows the story.  Her mother, the heaviest woman in the neighborhood, couldn’t get out of the bathroom in time and the girl was born in the toilet.  Adam, who’d moved to town half a year ago, had been told the story and he called the daughter what the other kids called her.  Maybe he hadn’t made the connection.

The screen door coils stretch.  The girl opens the door wider and her mother’s head appears.  “What are you kids doing?”

Adam runs to her and mounts the porch steps.  “Please, ma’am, I think my dog is inside your garage.”

Mrs. Johnson’s face wrinkles, her eyebrows lift.  She pushes her daughter forward.  “Go ask your father.”

Adam steps out of the way for the girl to descend the two cement stairs.

“You kids stay here,” Mrs. Johnson tells Adam.  She doesn’t look happy.  Adam motions to Maddie and she moves to his side when the Johnson girl passes by.  Time slows, seconds roll like boulders, minutes pass.

Maddie remembers something and digs in her pocket.  “Here,” she says to Adam and drops her lucky rock into his hand.  A side door of the garage creaks open.

NEXT TIME:  Is Ranger in the garage?  Will the lucky rock work?  What the heck is going on in that garage?


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