Sometimes you just need a place to bang your head.  Get it out.  But it’s not only about that.  Sometimes you need a place to collect ideas, write raw, and put it out there as it comes in.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m looking forward to reading yours as well. I look at my blog the same way as you — a place to write raw and put it out there as it comes in. Of course, now I edit. 😉

  2. Blogging’s great. What a release, creative or not. Like your head line a lot! Felt I needed to start a bitching blog to unload frustrations so I started ragragrag.wordpress.com. I’m starting to feel better. Thanks for your visit earlier on my sailing blog. 🙂

    • Hi wenchhandle. Thanks for finding your way over here. Running from critters, maybe? hee hee. I like the sound of ragragrag and will wander over there sometime during the weekend and check it out.

  3. Nice site. I look forward to delving into more of these wonderful pieces. Stop by to contribute to Mental Mudpies if you need a new writing exercise…keep it up. It’s good to know WordPress is alive with curious minds.

    • Thanks Mike. Glad you found your way over here. I will take a look at Mental Mudpies. Sounds interesting. I’ve been having some computer issues but I think this weekend I’ll be able to run full speed again.

  4. I too really like your headline, particularly in view of the post I wrote earlier today! I don’t often feel comfortable ‘venting’ or ‘getting it all out’ in a forum as public as an online blog, but sometimes that’s exactly what I need to get out of a place of stuckness. So thank you for dropping past my blog and letting me know who you are. Best of luck with your writing, and I shall pop in again soon.

    • Hey, thanks Reggie! I will wander back to your blog as well. Always enjoy supporting other’s work. With your gorgeous photos maybe I’ll have to add a Blogroll link to your site. That way others can enjoy the photos as well. First, I have to figure out how to do that…

  5. Well,Reggie, I tried to add your link to Blogroll but I don’t see it on my site. I even went back to your blog and tried using the top menu to Add Blog to Blogroll. Still don’t see it. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’ll have some more coffee and try again later. sigh…

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